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Sharp Pains In Left Foot Whilst I Walk...(outch!)

Morning everyone,

I've had (dormant) lymphoma for 3 years now, recently started a new job as a walking engineer. Well, the 1st month was fine! However, now I'm having real difficulties in walking - as I'm getting sharp pains along the left edge of my left foot and I'm unable to put my full weight onto both feet and having to either walk on on my in-step or heel, or a combination of both - just to move around....but very slowly!

What used to be a 13min walk to/from the train station now takes 20 - 25min.

I've booked a day-off work today to see my local GP, then hopefully my local lymph clinic.

I live in Kent, so if anyone can pass on any pearls of wisdom, it would be greatly appreciated.

Just to add - I'm 47 and walking like a 87 year-old - not good!!

I welcome all good advice.

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Plantar fasciitis?

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Hope you got on ok at GP, and everything works out for you


Hope your GP and lymph clinic can come up with a plan to get you walking like a 27 year old!

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