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Physio touch

I've just finished a three week course of treatment involving the use of the phsiotouch machine and bandaging at my local hospice . I was thrilled with the results . My left calf was solid prior to the treatment but softened considerably . For the first two weeks of the treatment I could barely feel the machine working on my leg . On the third week I felt it and it felt like I would imagine a normal leg would feel if it was being sucked up in a machine . This is the first real feeling that I've experienced in that leg for many years . Overall I lost three litres in volume , it feels lighter and my mobility feels better . I only wish I could have this treatment on a regular basis . I'm going to have a maintenance session in twelve weeks so I hope it continues to be maintained . I'm now wearing a Juzo made to measure garment on that leg which is lovely . The fabric is soft which helps with my sensitive skin and it seems to be holding the rebound very well .

As I also suffer from arthritis they say that the machine also helps with this so happy days ahead !!!

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Hi Khp22, Glad you see an improvement after having your limb massaged. The problem is that they stop the treatment on a regular basis and it's up to us to maintain the fluid down which is not easy.

Good luck!


what is exactly phisyo touch?


DoctorLife - the PhysioTouch device is not the same as Lymphasys 9.


My Lympho nurse tells me that the NHS has given the go ahead to have these -but we have to get funding ourselfs. £5000 for a Leg & Arm combined but the Arn one is cheaper.

I wondered if there were 2/3/4 of us local if we might be able to share one.


If you Google physio touch then it explains how the machine works . It was demonstrated I believe at last years Lymphology conference and there is a clinic near Manchester that has links to it . It uses negative pressure by lifting the skin and stretching the filaments meaning that there is more room for drainage under this . It was comfortable to use . I'd love one myself but unfortunately couldn't use it properly as I require work on my back area due to having had intensive stomach surgery . I think if private practioners start to use them then we would be able to have regular access to them whenever we needed it . Of course it would cost us but to be truthful I feel that anything that gives relief and is effective is worth its weight in gold . ideally it would be nice to have regular treatment on the NHS but in this time of austerity then sadly services are being cut not developed and sadly we can't put our medical condition on hold until it's a convenient time for others . Preventative care and ongoing maintenance would be cost effective overall but care seems to be sporadic and then we are back to square one . It may not work for everyone because each person reacts differently but if you get the chance to be treated by physio touch then I'd say give it a go .


So delighted to hear a good news story KHP22 even if it's temporary! Hopefully the maintenance regime will work well for you.


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