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Does anyone with primary lymphoedema suffer with vitiligo?


I noticed I had vitiligo on my hands a few years ago, it only shows in the summer time as I am very fair. I now have it around my mouth and when researching the condition I've come across references to a weak immune system and wondered if there may be a connection between lymphoedema and vitiligo. I'm 42 and female and have a form of lymphoedema that also causes distichiasis.

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Wow!!!! I joined this Support Network just so I could reply to your question. I am 37 and have been diagnosed with Vitaligo since I was 5 yrs old. I was then diagnosed with Lymphoedema two years ago, but suffered since I was 23. I also have Antiphosolipid Syndrome which is a sister disorder to Lupus. Until I read your post I never knew anyone else who had both disorders. Except of course my identical twin...God Bless her!!! So far all our children don't have symptoms yet. I wish you well!

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