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Is it safe to apply coban 3 bandaging over a compression stocking to treat primary lymphadema of the lower leg?

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ive never had coban 3 but I would think that is the compression on its own or the stocking on its own but not together but as I sai im not sure

Have you been advised to self-bandage by your lymphoedema clinic? I do not think Coban 3 would be of any benefit in addition to a compression garment, unless it was just for a 'quick fix'. Do you feel that the compression garment isn't quite strong enough? You may need a higher compression or a different product - worth discussing with your clinic.

Does the Coban 3 (I have never used it - just Coban2) need to be cut off or does it peel off?

Please get advice first.

I would think that bandaging and a compression stocking would be a little too much. I have just finished bandaging on my right leg and I had to remove the bandages myself as my toes began to turn blue!! So I wouldn't like to think what an added stocking would have done!! XX

Hi – response from 3M Health Care: We are answering the question assuming that Nelbat is wanting to use 3M Coban 2 Compression System, with compression stockings (as we are not aware that a Coban 3 product exists). Our response is that Coban 2 compression systems has been trialled to demonstrate that the compression offered from the bandages (alone), when applied twice weekly, offers effective compression and achieves fluid loss. The unique nature of Coban 2 compression systems, requires the first foam layer, to be applied directly to the skin, to achieve minimum slippage and optimum pressures. We do not advocate the use of both Coban 2 compression system bandages and compression stockings, being used at the same time, on the same limb. If you would like to know more about Coban 2 compression system then please visit


If it is any help, i put the velcro wraps over my compression stocking and the results are fabulous. I can take them off for showering and if i fancy a break, but it breaks down the hard fuild build ups and reduces the leg