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Hand sanitizer


Hi everyone! I have developed a problem since some restrictions have been lifted. When I go out to stores (like grocery stores), they make people use their hand sanitizer before going in. Which I am 100% with and think it is a great idea...but now I am finding out I get an asthma flair to some of them. Some are scented, or have a very strong smell. Even with my mask on , and unfortunately, it causes me to start coughing/wheezing. The worst thing to do out in public these days. I don’t know what to do....

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I wear those throw away gloves. Some sanitizer do smell, if it was me I would explain that the perfume in them triggers my asthma. Hopefully people would understand if not the shop is not worth using.

How do you know if the aloe has added fragrance? It should be pure aloe vera for the base . All I know is that it should smell only of alcohol or whatever germ killer is in it.


You bring up a great question and and issue that impacts many asthmatics. I too have hand sanitizer in schools, public places that have fragrance. People may not be aware or just don't think about it. I have seen people react to the fragranced lotions, hand sanitizer, etc that are placed in public areas for use.....they had very severe reactions. Continue to educate the stores; take this concern to community leaders - they may be able to influence the community and bring about awareness

I have that problem at church. Everyone uses the hand sanitizer and my asthma flares almost immediately. I make my own with an essential oil that I know I can handle and carry it with me. But on Sundays I've been known to hang out in the parking lot because it's the only place I can breathe.

I use a minimum of hand sanitizer because of fragrance and I think it irritates my eyes too.

It is something I never thought of before. And never knew I was allergic to it. It was such a quick reaction.

Unless you are able to get a supply of your own to have in your pocket wearing disposable gloves might be the best idea for you. My stepdaughter bought some on eBay (as an example). Just be careful to take them off by pulling them from the wrist so that end up inside out and only use once.

Try bringing your own sanitizer with you. Since all the precautions I have had a hypersensitivity to it and have stopped using it right kid so I am washing my hands about a dozen or more times a day. At least I am not reacting to the sanitizer anymore. Hope you will feel better soon

Bring your own. I do.

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