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How asthma impacts my life


My asthma (generally) isn’t severe enough to really impact my social or family life. There have been occasions where i’ve been off work for doctors appointments or sick leave due to asthma and I feel so bad about it, like I am unreliable or pathetic, people are judging me and I will never have a good career. Most of this comes from inside my own head so I just have to work through it..I think having asthma has definitely affected my self confidence.

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MinushabensAsthma Captain

Being mentally tough, if only within yourself, can be a powerful defence against the effects of asthma. Any chronic illness has the power to crush you if you let it...I know it's hard, and I have some horrible 'down' days for sure, but support is out there & nothing about your condition is either your fault or anything you should feel even a modicum of guilt about.

Stay strong!

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