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Problems with Flovent

My doctor prescribed Flovent for me last spring. The first inhaler worked the way it was supposed to. I started having trouble with the second one. It would work for a while and then it wouldn't. My pharmacist said to clean it by removing the cannister and rinsing the applicator in warm water. That worked sort of, but not consistently. Glaxo Smith Klein replaced that one. The third one didn't work very well, and they asked me how I was cleaning it. I told them I did what the pharmacist told me, and they said the fact it didn't work was my fault, because I wasn't following their directions. All together they replaced three inhalers and have refused to replace any more until I send in the faulty inhaler. The last time I refilled the prescription, the inhaler started misbehaving when I first tried to use it. It gave me two doses, and then I had to pump it five or more times before I could get another one. Since then I have followed their directions to the letter, and the problem has continued. I probably haven't gotten a third of the medication, and the counter is down to 50 from 120. My insurance won't replace it, and neither will my pharmacy or GSK. Other medications are so much more expensive, but I may have to go to a more expensive inhaler. Has anyone else had this problem?

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