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USAsthma Community Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to the USAsthma community at HealthUnlocked! The goal of our community is to provide an open, supportive, informative, respectful and friendly community for people affected by asthma and for those who want to learn more about their asthma symptoms.

This site is moderated by Allergy & Asthma Network and HealthUnlocked.

IMPORTANT: Posts on this site can support but not replace the information and advice you receive from your primary care doctor, board-certified allergist or other healthcare professional about asthma. Members who post or answer questions on the site should not be assumed to be healthcare professionals. For specific information and advice about your condition, always consult with your doctor or allergist.

Rules of our community:

• By using the community, you agree to post information that is primarily drawn from your personal experience.

• All posts should be kept on topic. Off topic posts or discussions may be deleted.

• We encourage all posts be kept under a topic.

• A new post should be started to discuss a new issue or question.

• Content should never be abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading or fake. Any posts that contain negative or harmful references to others in or out of the community will be deleted.

• Members should not post personal information of any kind on the site.

• Posts that promote a product may be deleted.

Those who break these rules and guidelines repeatedly will have their account suspended or be banned entirely.

We will add to these rules as our community develops and additional moderators are added.

Thank you!

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