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Living with Anxiety
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Introduction of myself - Maureen L

Hi everyone I just discovered this site by total accident this morning. I am 49 years old and a RN (emergency room nurse) although I am on sick leave at the moment. I have recently been found to have bowel issues and since this I have developed unbelievable panic attacks- the usual symptoms- racing heart, cold sweats, feeling of about to pass out, dizzy, just wanting to reach the safety of home is out and about and feeling 'safe' in bed, my mind racing at 100 mph and my BP up and down - pulse rate too-there is no physical reason for this that my doctor is aware of and says its stress related - domestic issues and well as diverticulitis and a stricture of the colon but even with these non life threatening complaints how have I gone from a well adjusted nurse, good at my job to a WRECK who is afraid to almost leave the house! I drive but of late have felt a total lack of self confidence when out and about Anyone else have similar symptoms Maureen

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Yup. Was perfectly fine and then suddenly became agoraphobic for almost a week. I too work in healthcare and I think that's a definite risk factor for developing panic/anxiety cause you see how small symptoms in patients can progress to something huge and it's always on the back of our minds. CBT my darling, meditation, and lots of learning about how anxiety affects us will do you wonders. Check out the website Anxiety BC and check out books on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or get yourself an appointment with a CBT therapist which I'm sure your benefits will cover). I acted quickly by doing all of the above and conquered my anxiety in a few months. The agoraphobia I conquered in a few days by forcing myself to go outside and by singing in the car while driving.


Welcome to the anxious crew. You should try therapy and take breathing class/ try meditation on an app like calm or SBT. Breathing helps


Hi it could well be stress related but I would ask for tests first to see if anything else could be up. For example have you had any blood tests for your vitamin levels? Or thyroid tests? If not then I would ask for these. x


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