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Hello im from Mexico My English it’s not so good sorry for that I just want to share some experiences, i just found this page and i think it’s a great idea, I was diagnosticaded 7 years ago and in 2016 started my medication and i feel good but I got bad days idk it’s weird everything started when I was with my first boyfriend I found that he cheated in me and I felt stupid and lonely so I pretend that nothing happend and one day a guy in a gay bar said that theres a page on internet where u can find gay guys to have fun with and I made a profile and there started everything

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Hello Coul

You reached a great place to start. I have been positive since 1988. And here it is 2018. When I was diagnosed there were no resources. No where to go no treatment options except for one which did more damage than good and most of all discrimination in all aspects towards people with HIV that you can not imagine. I can go on and on. I work as a peer support navigator and I am going to tell you what I tell them. We do things in our lives without thinking, but that is human nature we feel instead of think first. With that said what happened already happened. What is important now is to live and think of you first, everyone else is secondary. Your health matters, nothing or No one else should come before you. With the treatments of today life is worth living. Be blessed that HIV is no longer a death sentence, but chance to live. Good luck and God bless.


Thank u so much for reply I’d love to know more about your experiences, to be honest I don’t talk about this with anyone, I’m taking this by myself, I think I don’t feel shame and is easy if I talk with somebody that i don’t know, id like to know more about your history


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