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Living Well with HIV
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Scottish Weather

We all have ideas of the great Scottish climate, but with autumn looking as cold and wet as late Summer I am having trouble shifting my cold. I've got the flu jab booked this week but is there any point in taking it?

Also, how long should you leave it before panicing that you can't get rid of the cold / flu?

To add to the above, I've started a new job and stress levels are throughthe roof. Any pointers in dealing with this?

Thank you


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Yes I would definitely have the jab as it will help your immune system during the cold weather also if you have had the cold awhile I would definitely get it checked at the clinic to be safe. I was like that at my job was getting blamed for a lot of things going wrong and was not getting paid was making me very sick constant upset stomach off my food etc had to finally resign all I can say is need to take it easy if you can nothing is worth your health


Hi Scottish,

Regarding your flu jab, yes I would recommend having one. Having said that there is something in my mind telling me that you should not have it if you are currently suffering from any cold or flu when you have the jab, make sure you mention it before getting the vaccination.

I have a jab every year as a precaution and find they help prevent a lot of flu's each year. It is worth mentioning that they do not protect us from coughs and colds.

It would be helpful to know a little more about your situation, are you on treatment do you know your CD4 and Viral Load counts? How long have you had this cold for?

Congrats on the new job, I hoe it is going well, it is always a stressful time at least till you find your feet and get into the swing of things.

Taking a little time out, at least once or twice a day, to 'centre' your self can be a big help. Just find some place quiet, sit comfortably, breathe slowly and relax. Bring your thoughts back to you, think about how well you are doing. My guess is that you are feeling a lot better about things now than you did say a year ago and that things have improved a bit since your diagnosis. Reflect on the good things in your life and the world around you, things that are personal to you and valuable to you. For me it is often seasonal markers like flowers or currently it is the approaching winter solstice.

I must admit I like a little stress in my life, I find it helps drive me forward. I know I sometimes create a little stress like working to deadlines, I am so bad at it, I always waiting till the last moment before I get going.

I hope some of this helps, let us know how you get on.

With Kind Regards,


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