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After watching "how to survive a plague" on Netflix I decided to get tested again (my last test had been 2 years earlier). I had noticed some dry skin on my face, which I then read was a early symptom in some HIV cases. Nov 7, 2016 I was diagnosed positive, and Hillary lost, needless to say I have had better days. I was immediately sent for retesting and put into the amazing care of the doctors at Spectrum health. I went from a viral load of 91,452 to undetectable by 30 Dec. 6 months later and I have still not told any friends or family, but intend to when the time is right. I'd love to find someone in a similar situation, to share my future with. I feel very lucky to be living in Canada which has amazing doctors and a wonderful healthcare system.

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Hi there!

I'm on the same situation as you are, haven't talked to any family member nor a friend yet, I'm. It ready for it and I know my family, specially my mother, is not ready for this type of news.

When the time comes, if it does, I then may talk.

I'm from Dominican Republic, but I live here in New York. I would like to have you as cyber friend and maybe, who knows, meet some day.

Let's talk (chat).

Have a great day man.


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Thanks Edgar, I'd like that a lot



I'll send you a message now so that we can comunicate though messages here


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