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Positive at 22

I'm 22 years old and I was diagnosed this past summer. My life has changed for sure and I have come to terms with being positive. It was a hard and long transition and adjusting realizing that this was going to be my life but honestly it isn't that bad. I am now undetectable and pretty healthy.

Two things still continue to bug me. I still continue to have casual sex and I want to stop. I want to settle and date a nice guy but I can't seem to find the way to tell them about my status. I also haven't told anyone outside of my doctor and previous sexual partners . I want to come free and clean but it's so hard!

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Hi, I'm Eli, I'm 59 yo, I was just told I was his positive. I would be happy to be your long term partner. We should talk, health dept, told me, I just got it, found out at the very beginning within first three months, I wish we could meet, have lunch or dinner or both. I hope your doing ok today. I am ok, going to doctor next month and month after that. May and June. Hope to hear from you soon. Eli 4-20-17 .. 8:02am. Thank you


where are you from eli?


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