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I need help

I need help I'm HIV positive. I found out May of lasy year by the spouse of the man i was in relationship with for an year in half going on two. We got his children for spring break 2016 and thats when my life changed. She informed me one they were married and two that she was HIV positive of course he lied and continued to lie. Two weeks after my status change i had my first appointment at clinic there i found out i was pregnant. Now my life really is changing because i have always been told i wouldn't be able to have children. My focus immediately changed the focus became the pregnancy. Fast forward he knowing infected me and many others at this point. I was ashamed to disclose status with my family. Just this past Thursday i shared with my mom and its been hard for me ever since. My appetite has basically gone to tiast and banana and some days not even that. I feel so overwhelmed. I'm one out of seven from a blended family. And the one whom always tried to lessen stress on parents. And up until my status change i had done just that. The past year after finding out i isolated myself from everyone but the person whom had infected me. We lived in his father's house not even his father kbew. His mom and sister did they even knew about marriage. I feel completely stupid and even worst right now looking back. At how i allowed what he did to me to isolate me from my family when i never had to go thru this alone. It wasnt until November 2016 that i started taking Triumeq

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Wow. I'm so sorry to read you are going through so much. I hope you take care of yourself for the life inside you and for you. I understand the hurt of lies and betrayal, but you must be strong. If you need to cry it out to cleanse the soul then get a good cry and let the pain he caused be his burden, no longer yours.


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