Living Well with HIV
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Hello my name is Odel and im 34 years old and recently discovered that i was infected with HIV at less than a year old it was recorded on my birth certificate but it was not reported to the proper entities. I didnt even know i had HIV till i was 27 years old and i am devastated and flat out just amazed at how everyone is treating this. I am getting no legal help no family support or friend support. I do have all the documents i need to pursue a case but no one will help me. I can not trust my family cuz my brother went telling every gang neighborhood round that i have HIV and that i have been giving it to everyone. And my family rejected me because i was infected with HIV and they didnt expect me to live long. But i have two healthy kids and zero previous infected relationships. Also my body some how created antibodies for HEP C i'm immune to HEP C and for some reason for as long as i have had this i have not transmitted it to anyone to the best of my knowledge and i am open about my status. The way i found out about this and a bunch of crooked government eradications going on is thru the CDC surveillance programs aka gang stalkers. I understand the magnitude of this issue but thats not a reason to ignore me and try and build a case against me just because i found this out. If anyone has any questions or would like to speak with me u can contact me on my facebook acct Odel Olmos thank you

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