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NHS Services for Adults with CP

NHS Services for Adults with CP

The University of Dundee recorded an interview with me about my petition regarding establishing NHS services for adults with CP. Please watch and share. I am keen to hear from adults in Scotland with the condition so that I can share those experiences with the Scottish Government. see:

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Hello @rcwallace,

I wholeheartedly agree with your petition for better adult services for people with cp. I wish it was a nationwide campaign as i live in England not Scotland.

I have experienced a worsening of muscle tone and tightness as i have aged. Which was so gradual that I was barely aware of it. I am 52 now.

It was pure happen stance that I was offered 4 weeks of neurological physio following an assessment for rheumatoid arthritis. it was my first physio for my cerebral palsy for 32 years and I felt very angry and sad at my stupidity for not having the presence of mind to request it sooner.

It was made very clear that i was only allowed 4 weeks of treatment which i have found very difficult to accept and i have tried to make the most of a 8 week exercise referral scheme at my local gym? which i was supposed to build on the benefits of doing physio. The experience has felt a bit like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole? I feel have benefited from increasing my exercise but it feels very hit and miss ??

On the plus side I am seeing a neurologist used to treating cerebral palsy and i am about to try baclofen for the first time? I am a little nervous as I tried a similar drug when I was 11 and felt like an octopus out of water for some time.

I wish you every success with your campaign.


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