Living Positively with Cerebral Palsy
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Resource Centre?


I am looking for help with the management of cerebral palsy in adult life, and, like many in this community, I find it difficult to meet and talk with others about this condition in later life.

I'd like to find a collection of useful artless, and ideally some research.

Here is my current list:

- Wikipedia has an article on cerebral palsy.

-There is service at the National Hospital for Neurology and neurosurgery (london) that offers a multidisciplinary service to those with spasticity

- Scope has some web pages about cerebral palsy, but its focuses now more on general disability

Please could anyone add to this list?

Thank you.

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Bobath Scotland runs a service for adults from its therapy centre in Glasgow. Call 0141 352 5000 for more information. First assessment appointments and discussions are free. Bobath has also participated in research into ageing with CP with the University of Glasgow's Strathclyde Centre for Disability Studies and the results have been shared on Bobath's website:


Hi John. I'm sure I'm one of many people who know exactly what you mean, but have little I can contribute in terms of published information. I'm in my 40's, my CP has a huge impact on my life, yet if can go for ages without having any conversation about it at all.

I will keep checking this thread.