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Children staring! How do you deal with this?

I was in the shopping centre at lunch time and it's the school holidays. Children are staring and not moving out of the way. This annoys me for two reasons. Firstly, I think it is rude to stare and I usually pull a faces or stick my tongue out . Secondly if they are inquisitive then they should ask me about it. However their parents are usually dead embarrassed and tell them not to ask! I don't have a problem if they ask they have got to learn about diversity and disability.

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Hi hon

It's tricky - parents think that by ignoring the kids questions they have avoided any embarrassment but I find that if I don't answer my 5 year old's questions she will ask the same question louder and louder until I do! Like you, I'd far rather that kids ask why Tom can't walk and that we have the chance to tell them something about CP than to be stared at. I have found so far that kids are much better at accepting difference than any adults are but that's probably because the kids we are in contact with are young - I guess it won't be so easy for Tom and his sisters when they are older and the kids they mix with are older.

Maria xx


I always get people staring at my splints when I'm wearing shorts, so I decorate them to give them something nice to look at... I was out with a friend the other day who notices the staring more than I do ( I don't tend to notice it anymore) and she suggested charging comanies to use them as advertising space!!

I'm more than happy to tell people why I am wearing them or why I walk like I do, if only they'd ask me


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