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Swimming - What a relief!

I love swimming. I was feeling quite tight this morning so decided to go for a swim. Some times I feel like an old lady and not a young adult. It's great because it gives me relief and is good for my general health. I manage to do physio in the pool independently and I feel free and unrestricted. The pool is well equipped with good disabled changing rooms and a hoist. I spent 1 hour in the pool today and feel great. I have managed to do a bit of walking today too. All and all a good day. :-)

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swimming is great.... I use my local outdoor pool in the summer and even later in the season with a wet suit on, I'm not a fan of lesiure centres though.....

I have also done alot of wild swimming and sea swimming


Yes swimming is wonderful. It has made a huge difference to my life. I love it. I also think it has improved my tightness, and I'm certainly a lot fitter aerobically. I want to keep swimming for the rest of my life. Maybe I'll get round to wild swimming, but leisure centres meant I could learn to swim in a disabled adult's class so I feel quite attached to them. I'm not especially fast as I have to do everything in sequence rather than simultaneously, but it doesn't matter. It is absolutely brilliant to find a physical activity that I can do and enjoy. I will be swimming forever I hope


I have just returned from a week away in spain where the villa we hired had it's own pool.

I had a swim every morning before we went out and was in it several times a day when we had days staying around the villa.

The mixture of warm weather and the relief of the water made a fantastic difference, I had alot more enrgy and was able to do alot more walking than normal.


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