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Living with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)


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I have RA and rheumatoid ILD. I started taking nintedanib in July last year, I had a medication review in January and I explained all the side effects I was experiencing. The doctor suggested that due to my slight frame (lost loads of weight), I do a month’s trial of only 1 x 150mg tab every evening. This has proved very successful and many of the side effects have disappeared. As a result of this, the doctor has decided to reduce my nintedanib medication from 150mg twice a day to 100mg twice a day. Was told it may take a while for the new prescription to come through so I’ll report back how I get on in the months ahead. I must admit it’s been a relief not taking the morning tablet, just felt so dreadful after it, no matter how much I ate with it. At least in the evening, you go to bed soon after taking it. Fingers crossed the reduced dosage works. Regards to all Dita

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When I finally got it through the post -I started taking it last week Im taking 150g twice a day -10 hours apart -with food

So far I havent had any side effects (i just hope I havent put the mockers on it) -so I ll see how it goes as Im expected to report to my specialist who recommended & applied for me to have it in the first place

She couldnt prescribe it directly -as it was a new drug so she had to go through the ILD clinic & speak to the doctor who saw me there