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Turmeric for Liver

Any body on Turmeric for Liver apparently it helps

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I take tumeric for inflammation of my joints. If it helps my liver too. That would be awesome

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Many people world wide take Glden milk , a drink with Tumeric added . It is a traditional tool to aid inflammation in the body , and has been used for hundreds of year sin some parts of the world. Take care though don't take too much Tumeric as it can thin the blood.


Yes, I take it for my arthritis and liver. Also drinking "golden milk." My doctor is an "encouraging sceptic" when it comes to alternative medicine. My numbers were "phenomenal!" In a good way* he told me to "keep doing what you're doing."


I use Curcuplex95 (Yxmogen) 2x caps days, helps a lot. The reason I take this particular Curcumin is because Burt Berkson’s son (Auther) went to India notoo along ago, to find out how them make and use there curcumin, this what he brought back. Excellent product.

Can’t order from Westeren MD, have to buy from intrigrative MD that carries it.Sunny XXOO


I take tumeric for inflammation of my joints. It has helped with my liver being sore