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Liver disease with acites

My hubby was told he had this after a bowel c op in sept. He has stopped drinking but was told his albumin was 22??? The ascites keep building up and when it gets to certain levels goes into his colostomy bag. We still have to see a specialist but we are in limbo, any idea whats next? I have seen various stuff saying 2-5 years if ascites is controlled. Bowel man said a single drink was even off cards as it would kill him. Anybody any answers?

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Sorry to hear of your husbands condition. Is he prescribed diuretics to try and control his ascites? If it keeps building he needs draining - this is NOT something which can be left, if need be he'll need to go to A&E because if the fluid becomes infected he could become very poorly.

He needs to see a liver specialist A.S.A.P. so it would be an idea to try and push for this.

At the same time as a drain gets inserted he would have an albumin infusion to try and bring that level up.

You have to take ownership of his condition and don't sit back and wait, it isn't unheard off for referrals to go missing so chase it up.

Best wishes, Katie

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Thank you katie. He is on directics for the fluid. Were not sure if they are working correctly as he has a permanent colostomy bag so fluid does actually drain into that. The first time this happened was after the bowel op and they kept him in. The 2nd he was re admitted but they did nothing because he got an infection which was all around that area and they said it was too dsngerous to drain him so again did nothing. Now its been decided its ok if it goes into his bag. But they still arnt telling us anything other than he has to be seen every 6 mths and will have to have an uktrasound and throat camera everytime.


Stay offf the internet looking for answers. The internet only give general answers. The internet does not know your husband's medical history. See the specialist and go from there. And if alcohol will cause death than it's best not to drink. No drink is worth your health or life.


Sorry to hear the news on your husband .back in 2008 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis .I had very very bad ascites to which I could not breath , eat or even sleep .it was all new to me and I did not know how poorly I was .I was given 6 months to live after having 3 drains done to remove the fluid over a period of 6 weeks .I was told not to drink ever again .I did pick up 4 years ago when I lost my dad to cancer adhere caring for him .it was a stupid thing to do as my symptoms all came back in 2014.i has ascites again yet this time it was controlled by Meds.please get him referred to see liver doctor .it was terrible for going on Google .even now I have to stop myself .9 years on and I am still here thanks be to God

.I hope you get things sorted soon


Im glad. You are proof enough for me that people can live with it. He stopped drinking as soon as he found out. All be it a bit late but 24 cans a day for 40 years to nothing and hes doing ok. Nibbles lots of crackers but i can put up with that.

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well I can only do my best and listen to my doctors .Yes .some people are very lucky to live long and so called normal life

don't get me wrong but I do suffer with several ailments that come with the disease but I am so so lucky to have lived this far .of which I never thought I would . Yes that's a large amount of alcohol for any one to drink over such a long time .saying that I did drink a lot myself .I would say 5/ 7 cans of cider a day .so if your hubby takes care of himself .stops all drink and has a very healthy diet I can't see why he can't improve .I did and God knows how .keep in touch and let us know best wishes .Linda


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