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High GGT & Neuotrophil & ALT & Alk Phos

Hi my name is Tiffany. I’m 35. Fairly healthy until this past year. I had my gallbladder removed. My symptoms are always bloated, not ever really hungry, weak, tired, face is red, veiny and blotchy but never has been before. I had blood work done thinking because of a hysterectomy that maybe it was hormones. My cholesterol has always been good until now. My ALT is high at 44 but my AST is normal at 41. Alk Phos is pretty high at 174 and neutrophils is high at 68.3. MCV and MCH is low at 81 and 27. Cholesterol is high at 219. LDL Direct is high at 155. The GGT is very high at 265. Any idea what could be going on with me?

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Hi Tif1120

I see no one has popped in to answer your question and I am not sure I can either but can I ask you please as you have had blood tests what does your doctor say? Why at 35 did you need an hysterectomy? In which country do you live? Do you need to be referred to a specialist?

Sorry this is not much help to you but a variety of liver related ailments often have tired and weakness as symptoms. A red vieny and blotchy face may be rosacea which is easy to control in addition to something else going on causing the tiredness.

As you have come to the Liver4Life page do you think that you may have a liver related disorder, if yes try to find a hepatologist who is a specialist in liver matters.

Apologies for all the questions but for the untrained eye I am unable to help more.

best wishes

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