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Date for your Diary - A must watch

BBC Documentary about Surgeons concludes next week and is looking at clinical trials. One of which involves a method of utilising more marginal livers in liver transplantation. I think it will be an exceptionally interesting watch for most of us here. Even more so for me as one of the surgeons featured did my transplant, although not part of this trial.

The show airs next Monday 22nd Jan at 9pm GMT on BBC2

It'll also be available on the BBC iPlayer straight after for anyone not in the uk.

Programme Web page bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09pvnhc

BBC iPlayer link showing previous episodes and will include this one after next week's show bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/...

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Hi kristian, i have been watching this programme, and i was hoping that there may have been something on there regarding the liver, as we know it is among one of the top LIVER transplant hospitals of where i attend myself due to end stage f4 fibrosis. Many thanks for the heads up ..kind regards linda

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