Shivering and sweating

hi i have recently been diagnosed with fatty liver disease but have been feeling unwell for quite a while, i am just getting over a period where i have had gnawing pain under my ribs but i have had bad bouts of shivering and sweating aswell and felt really rough, i believe this to be connected to my liver or maybe gallbladder? not sure what to do my doctor has just given me statins but i feel i need to be more thoroughly checked over. the last doctor i went to about my symptoms asked me if they got worse after i was diagnosed?? dont know what to do, any ideas please i dont want to feel this ill again i have a new job to start soon

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Hi, I have had Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) for four years and the shivering and sweating is part of this disease. Experts believe this to be an auto immune disease in which the body attacks the bile ducts of the liver. Ursodeoxycholic acid is the only drug in existence that slows the process down - there is no cure. I too have had your symptoms and cannot handle full time work. Had to go down to four days a week and still struggling. I know well the shivering, which is uncontrollable and the tiredness (exhaustion) that leaves you flat out. Also at times, itchiness of the skin. Ask your doctor to do a blood test for this condition and if the AMA's are high in your test, this will indicate you have this condition and you can then move forward from there. The shivering is debilitating at times, and nothing will stop it, it is not anything like just feeling cold, but a reaction that your body is having - nothing can get your body temperature back to normal, blankets, hot water bottles etc have no effect. Almost like hyperthermia. I have learned to go with it, rest and when it is passed, carry on as normal. It sounds as though it may well be your liver.

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