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One of my boys is very lean and thin. Recently underwent several antibiotic courses for suspected typhoid. Liver function tests showed increased SGPT/SGOT (indicating leakage of enzymes from liver = possible liver damage). The boy is 26. Slightly underweight. No history of alcohol / injury / smoking. What regimen would any helpful soul suggest >

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Drinking adequate purified spring water, take milk thistle supplements ( get from health food store) , get vitamin k or eat green leafy vegetables daily, stay away from all processed foods and oils, no sodas please, organic juices diluted a little with water, lots of fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains, please no dairy and try to get him to drink almond milk instead of cows milk. I hope these suggestions help. I contracted hepatitis c and healed my liver with my recommendations. The liver as long as it isn't cirrhotic is a very rejuvenating organ with the correct diet and rest. Let me know how it goes, God bless. I would have answered sooner but I just joined.


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