My husband had liver cirrhosis he was first told this in2013 he had ascites and was drained on two occasions then Medes controlled it he stopped drinking straight away after over two years without any drink he was told he had a tumour on his liver which is a complication of cirrhosis. He was told he had two years to live as the Timor was surrounding the main blood supply into the liver so was inoperable he has two treatments of Tace which is a chemo drug put through the groin straight into the liver very painful nothing worked so after nine months they did another treatment and biopsy in those months he started drinking again thinking he was going to die two weeks after the biopsy we were told the Timor was not cancerous he was hooked on drink again as they also said he didn't have cirrhosis. Well clearly he did as fluid built up again and he was drained three times in six weeks he stopped drinking straight away and to be honest would never have started again but for the wrong diagnosis. The week before Christmas 2016 he died in front of me at our home he just feel asleep l tried to resuscitate him called ambulance but he was gone a post Mortem said he died of cirrhosis we were devistated and eight weeks on are still in shock please don't drink in excess my children have lost there father he was 54 and me lm a widow now and lost without him

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  • liver54.first off I send my condolences to you and your family .boy what a terrible journey .I too have cirrhosis though alcohol .9 years this June I'm 55 in March and Iive on my own .I really think this is a complete mess up by the medical team .to be told one thing .then another then another I'm.sorry to say but if that was me then I too would have started drinking again .nothing anyone can do now or say make you feel any better , it's a hard illness to have to live with , I hope that in time you and the family will be able to learn to live again .I went back on the drink when my dad passed to cancer .made myself poorly again with ascites and not eating etc ...took me only up till last October to get sober again .it's a harsh world we live in but you still have hoo5 children and I send you all big (( hugs )) 🌷🌷,,

  • God bless you! What I am learning is the Docotors and PA its science at its best. Its a bit of guessing what is wrong based on our labs. Along with what we tell our Dr's. Sorry for your loss, remember you had a true love, hold on to those good memories it will help thru this most difficult time! I am sending prayers for you and your family! I have been told many different things from different Dr's so b it's sorting through and living with hope.

    Take care of yourself and the kids, as U know you will/can!

  • Thank you ☺.. wishing you all the very best x

  • Take good care of yourself will find happiness again...It just takes time x