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I recently had some blood tests done following having Influenza A as I was still very tired, experiencing hot flushes when trying to go anything but sitting and feeling weak in my limbs. Ian prediabetic and on regular medication for that as well as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and genetic depression.

My GP was concerned about Gluc. Rand of 10.1 and Trigs. of 3.27. A subsequent fasting glucose test revealed normal levels.

However, when I was reviewing the rest of the results I have seen the following:

ALT 44

GGT 107

eGFR 87 and

Urea 2.9.

Should I return to GP and ask her what this all mean as my research has indicated that perhaps further investigation should happen?

The onset of the Influena A was 7 weeks ago and I am still weak and fatigued.

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Hello Jacquie, sorry sweet have only just spotted your post. It can get quiet around here at weekends and sometimes messages fall through the cracks, (Bakeoff night can also be slow I,ve noticed! ). If you haven't already and are still worried then definitely go back to your doctor. And be careful when researching things on the net, many of us have done just that and scared ourselves unduly. All the best. anne .

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I agree with researching things on the net. It's not always a good thing. I've had myself in sheer panic in years gone by looking up stuff that wasn't right. Go ask your doctor. Good luck 🍀 hope you feel better soon xx

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