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high ggt level

Two weeks I was suffering from fever, cough, constipation. Doctor precribed antibiotics and medication for cough and constipation. After my fever, I suffered bloated stomach and discomfort. Doctor suggested a blood test which i did last week.

1) I have a GGT level of 132. All other diagnosis under liver functions are normal.

2)ESR level:- 30 mm/h

3)Glucose:- 6.1

Total colesterol:-5.6 mmol/L

Tri:- 1.73

HDL: 1.38

LDL: 3.43

Total colesterol/ HDL ratio: 4.1

I am worried about the abnormal readings/ levels of ggt!

Kindly advise

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Dear curly-sue,

Thank you so much for contacting us via HealthUnlocked and also via my email address.

I was sorry to learn that you’ve been poorly, but pleased you’ve sought medical advice and undertaken some tests.

Was the blood test taken BEFORE the antibiotics were started?

As you probably know, the reference ranges vary from laboratory to laboratory due to e.g. the type of analysers used, so could I ask you please to provide me with the reference range for the GGT……..

If there is any elevation with the GGT level, the GP usually automatically enquires as to whether the patient consumes any alcohol, because the levels can sometimes correlate to alcohol consumption.

However, saying that, there are many reasons as to why you may have an elevated GGT, e.g.


2.Medications: including antidepressants and NSAIDs, lipid-lowering drugs, antibiotics, histamine blockers (used to treat excess stomach acid production), antifungal agents, anticonvulsants (seizure control medications), and hormones such as testosterone.

It’s important to understand that the GGT enzymes are found in the bile ducts, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and kidneys (also the prostate), and there is a correlation between high GGT enzyme levels and congestive heart failure. Also, the GGT levels can increase with age in women.

Was the test on a fasting blood sample? It usually is requested on a fasting sample, because if the patient has had something to eat just prior to the blood sampling, the GGT level could be lowered.

With regard to all of your other results that you’ve provided me with, it is my understanding that the Total cholesterol is elevated, Triglycerides are in the HEALTHY range, as is the HDL. LDL is borderline and the Total cholesterol/HDL ratio is normal.

Was the glucose test on a fasting or non-fasting sample? Please look at this link for further information:

May I ask what the reference range for the ESR was? It is my understanding that the result of 30mm/hour is normal, and that it would have to reach up towards the 100mm/hour for it to be of significance. Please have a look at these links:

You mentioned that all of your other results within the LFT were normal, but I would still like to know what your results were, including the reference ranges for each element. That would be helpful thankyou!

The results that you’ve provided me with are not indicating a fatty liver, as your triglycerides are normal and the only elevation you have in your lipid profile is a slightly high cholesterol.

It could be that you take some medications, and/or that you smoke/drink a little, which could influence the GGT. Even if some of these DON'T apply, I would suggest further investigation to establish the reason of the GGT elevation. It would be sensible to undertake an ultrasound scan in the first instance.

If you could provide me with any more information (reference range for GGT, and also the results and reference ranges for the remaining elements within the LFT, plus whether you consume alcohol, smoke, your age, medications, other health problems), I would hopefully be able to elaborate on what I’ve mentioned already.

I will look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment, but in the meantime, all good wishes to you, and kind regards,

Sarah Tattersall

Helpline Manager


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