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Whats is the correct word or are they the same?


After visits to the GP and being ignored I was finally via Cardiology referred to Lymphoedema Clinic where I was immediately diagnosed with Lipoedema finally a reason my legs were as they are and most probably started in puberty (I am 68).

Having being discharged from Cardiology he has referred to me as having Chronic Lymphedema, so is that the same as Lipoedema of which I have the classic symptoms - legs that are flobby, the feeling under my skin like lots of peas, painful legs especially when touched etc.

Any insight or comments appreciated.

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Lipoedema and Lymphoedema are different conditions. From what you describe and what the Lymphoedema Clinic diagnosed it is likely you have Lipoedema. The best place to look up about the condition is the Lipoedema UK website. They would send you lots of information. The problem with the confusion is that a lot of medics don't understand the difference and certainly many have never heard of Lipoedema. Also as very few hospitals have specialist clinics for these leg problems, patients with Lipoedema may find the only place who will help them and understand about the condition is a Lymphoedema Clinic. You can see how it can become muddled. To a great extent the treatment for both overlaps. Skin care, weight management, exercise and compression hosiery. You will find as you understand more about Lipoedema yourself, you will be doing the education of medical people.

As a basic description, Lipoedema is an abnormality of fat cells and Lymphoedema is an abnormality of the lymphatic system.

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Many many thanks for that the Lipoedema was what they diagnosed and the Cardiologist has changed it grrr as you say they don't know the difference - I will now get them to change it back. The nurse I saw is a huge fan of Professor Mortimer and she diagnosed me at once.



I am glad you have a diagnosis.

People can have lymphodema. A build up of fluid due to damage of the lymphatic system. Or lip oedema which is the pebbles fat deposits that may down in areas that press on nerves. This creates swelling and pain when touched. I'd liken the pain to a bruised feeling of tenderness.

I have both conditions.


My upper arms,sides of my breast tissue,thighs,knee areas as well as both legs are tender. Yet my lower arms have no pain when pressed.

I take diuretics to control the build up of fluids.

I wear a gents size 10 ,11,12 as a pose to an 8. This is due to the swelling in my feet. Slip on crocks air my feet well. I have carers tend my legs and put on compression stockings twice per week.

I hope this lengthy explanation helps.

Wishing you well

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