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hello,, I'm new here.. for years my legs have been increasing In size. I never thought much of it until I watched a programme that had a 21yr old female discover she had it. I've tried everything from dieting to exercise but they just seem to keep growing. they bruise really easy aswell. (ignore the ankle splint my ankles are really weak and give way all the time) this is the biggest my legs have ever been even after losing 2stone (all from top half of my body) should I be concerned and go to the doctor or am I just overreacting?

thanks in advance.


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  • Hi abb are you on Facebook? If so there's a great group who could help you more it's called talk lipoedema private chat. You have ask to join but the ladies in there are so supportive and can give you more advice. Hope this helps x

  • Hi Abb, sorry your going thru so much, what's your doctor /consultant saying? I felt so alone before I joined here & bc off consultant attitude was thinking do they think this is in my head. So I started documenting including taking photos with & without measuring tape, photos when looked normal & vice versa. I'd recommend anyone to do it as really helped when went to Gp. Abb sauds law hun I dunno know about you but 8/10 times when had appointment it was never as bad as usually is, definitely did make a difference especially in Gp attitude. You'll find plenty of advice & support on here, look after yourself, Lynne

  • Yes, you should absolutely go to a doctor! Not all doctors are very informed about lymphedema so you should try to find one that is. They can run tests to confirm the problem is lymph collection and not veinous insufficiency. The earlier you started treating the better. You don't have to of had any cancer treatment to get lymphedema it can start spontaneously from a variety of things including a genetic defect.

  • Hi Abb

    I'd say definitely go to your GP but try and get some info from the Lipoedema website to take with you as lots of GPs don't know anything about it!

    I had to pay private for a diagnosis as there's no NHS service in my area for this but I'm so glad I did as I know there's a proper reason for my "big legs".

    I hope you get on alright Abb, good luck x

  • sorry for the late reply.. forgot my account!! thanks for the replies..... I went to the gp armed with all the information and she wasn't even listening to a word I said just shrugged it off as me being obese.. just recommended dieting and exercise even after I told her they are limited at helping with it! its so frustrating as they are meant to help.. I would love to go private but unfortunately have limited funds. I have managed to get a second app with a different doctor is there anything I can say or do that would help me explain it better or make them listen.

    any advice welcome

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