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I have had lipoedema now for a couple of years now i'm only 45 yet only been having treatment for about a year, i went in to see a nurse about leg ulcers i stand on my feet all day and the nurse recommended compression stockings and i have uppers ones aswell but scared of using them, if anyone else wants to talk about this please text me i feel quite alone,

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  • Ahhh Debra your definitely not alone hun, have u joined the other group on here as well? I'm never sure which one to post on so tonight doing both 😀. I'm 42 have been having problems with swelling hmm it's over 6maths or more. Im still waiting on appointment with lymphedemia nurse. Like yourself I knew nothing off this but had went to minor injuries (local, they don't deal with emergencies) as thought my leg was gonna burst the size was unreal. I dunno about you but when I first started having problems I wasn't in pain, but now sometimes not always have pain. Nurse diagnosed me, from then I've been documenting everything, taking photos the whole shebang. I've now noticed it seems to be late evening or night when swelling takes over. Debra have a look at LSN site here too as they talk alot about compressions & all very positive. Think said I'm still awaiting 1St appointment with lymphedemia nurse, sorry not much help but here to chat (don't always have Internet), takecare honestly hun I've had lots off support here, look after yourself & welcome, soz for long post x

  • Thankyou for your reply, believe me it will change your life, all my leg ulcers are starting to go aswell and i'm actually looking forward to my holiday this year, i might get away with not wearing leggings

  • Ahhh Debra that's amazing what treatment did you have? Well done & hope you have a lovely holiday x

  • I have pressure bandages best thing i ever did, they go around the leg and velcro on so you can adjust them through the day

  • Brilliant great news, where you going on holiday? Lynne

  • Hi please don't feel alone. 11% of women suffer from lipodeama in different degrees. Please look up talk lipodeama on face book it's a private group just request to join. We have recently met up with other group members in the area for coffee. It definitely helps to see your not alone.

    Jayne xx

  • Thankyou and i will

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