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Looking to chat with gay couple dealing with relationship issues during treatment.

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Hi. My name is John and I am currently in treatment for relapsed hodgkin's lymphoma. I have a long term, long distance relationship and we are having some difficulties due to treatment. We would like to seek advice from another gay couple who have had a similar situation. My partner is having a difficult time as I cannot be the support he needs when I need support myself. Please contact me if you are able and willing to chat about these things with me and my partner or if you know a way I can find such a couple to speak with. Thanks.

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Hope you are doing well. Have done it all. Almost 19 yrs together now legal. Ask away.

Hi John, This isn’t the best time to be feuding with your partner I know. I was lucky and my wife dropped everything to be more supportive of me. It is a time when you need your loved ones ALL IN. If they are not then something is wrong with the relationship. You need positive energy in your life now more than ever. I had to drop a couple of so-called friends because it was just too much effort to keep them on. Put all of your energy into getting better and being with the ones who love you and are there for you. Your partner is being selfish.

JingleH15, I was with my Jeff for 15 years but he recently died of cancer. I am also a psychotherapist, now retired. If you want to talk further on this, I might be able to help . My email is mineo.keith@gmail.com if you want to talk privately

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I send you a mail. Hope you will be free for some chat. I really need some support, even better if you’re a psychotherapist.

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