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Leukaemia and letting up lockdown - the webinar.

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I attended this webinar and found it really helpful - gave a really good overview on where the research is about vaccine response and blood cancers, and excellent discussion of strategies for taking care of ourselves from one of the Leukaemia Care helpline nurses and 3 sufferers of variious forms of leukaemia. I think it was recorded, so worth looking for on the Leukaemia Care UK website

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Yes I found it very informative too. Many thanks to participants. (Hardly recognised you with your new look Nick! 😉)


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HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to Newdawn

My Covid look. 😀

saw the webinar - well worth a watch, I thought, and good to know it's available for review and revision

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The webinar video is available here youtu.be/jeUA8WlTh0c BW


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Thanks, yes, very good

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Did you miss last week's webinar preparing for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions?

You can catch up on the webinar with an update from Dr Helen Parry and panel discussion here youtu.be/jeUA8WlTh0c

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