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AML and Propranolol


As many may know I have AML..neutrophils and red cells fairly normal, except for platelets...below average.

Now, talking to our wonderful haematologist at my consult last Wednesday, we raised the subject of my right hand tremors, lower mouth tremor and too much saliva. He said minor Parkinson's Disease - put me on Propranolol,,, seems to help...

he is going to speak as soon as possible with a neurologist about treatment, as we gather there are newer drugs.

Has anyone else been on this medication?

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Hi, yes I have been on Propranolol in the past for an irregular heart beat and did not have any side effects. That was probably 10 years ago now when I already had CLL, but I had not had any treatment for the CLL. However you have a another medical history as you say. Take care.

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