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COVID-19 and shielding update for CLL


Leukaemia Care are hosting this webinar in collaboration with CLL Support. We will be joined by Dr Piers Patten, of Kings College London, and Marc Auckland, Chair of Trustees at CLL Support and CLL patient.

This webinar provides another opportunity for CLL patients to ask questions. We will share resources that are available to support you as shielding continues and also discuss updates on shielding, treatment and the long term where it is possible to do this.


May 7, 2020 10:00 AM in London

Register here

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I'm booked and I am really looking forward to this, thanks so much Leukaemia Care for organising this. Take care and stay safe very special Hairbear

If you need some tips on how to join, the IT support kindly sent this.

How do I join the webinar?

There are 2 main steps to joining: you will need to register your interest in advance, and then join the webinar on the day to listen.


a.Click the link advertised to be taken to the registration webpage.

b.Enter your details to be registered (note: these will not be used for any purpose other than communicating about the webinar)

c.You will receive a confirmation email, which will include a link to click on the day to join the webinar. It also has telephone numbers should you choose to listen in by phone.

NOTE: the registration link will not allow you to join the webinar on the day. You will need to use the link within your confirmation email to join.

2.Joining at the time of the webinar

a.Go back to your confirmation email and click the link to join

b.Follow on screen instructions

c.One of two things will happen.

i.If you have joined BEFORE the host has started, you will be placed in a waiting room. Keep the window open and you will be admitted once the host has joined.

ii.If you have joined AFTER the host has started the webinar, you will be admitted to the webinar.

d.Once joined, you will be unable to speak, but you can use the chat box to ask questions. The host will provide further instructions verbally.

Look forward to call tomorrow


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