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Published today: COVID-19 UK CLL patient experience survey 3 interim report


We are pleased to share latest results and info graphics of answers to survey 3 in this series of surveys by the collaboration of CLL patients with the UK CLL Forum, CLL Support and Leukaemia Care .. This report also compares noticeable change since survey 2.

The first survey was launched on 27th March and was designed to elicit early responses at the beginning of shielding to discover gaps in support and information. The second survey, approximately one month later, included new questions to discover how patients were managing. The third version of this survey was designed to look further into the psychological challenges for patients at this time, as well as measuring the impact of long term shielding on quality of life and changes to attitudes to shielding over time.

We would like to thank the dedication of CLL patients to inform this survey series and to share patient experience and evidence needs to direct resources appropriately.

We will continue to monitor your experience as guidelines further evolve .

You can access the full interim report and graphics here:

Here we have complied a list of supportive resources that you may find helpful to aid you cope with life in these changing times

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Thanks Nick. Is this information and important data fed into NHS England and the health authorities covering the devolved countries of the U.K.?


HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to Newdawn

Hi Newdawn. most definitely, Now this is published this information will inform regular discussions with NHSE and other authorities , this evidences areas where where push back is required or information and ongoing support needs require clarity and provision.

Newdawn in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

Good to hear Nick. There’s lots for the health authorities to learn from this experience and their response to it and this data is very valuable.




Thanks, Nick, interesting results, thanks for sharing with us all

Thanks Nick,

I'm a bit late to this but the link to the full interim report and graphics doesn't work for me - says the page no longer exists.

Hope you're well


HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to Jm954

Hi Jackie, thanks, am battling on, all a wearisome at times for us all at the moment I think. Hope the good weather comes back soon ;-)

I have a feeling there was a temporary redirect issue earlier or one of the sites were down. All seems OK now.

Let me know if you are still having problems


Jm954 in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

Working fine now, thanks

Take care