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Shielding extension: England and Wales info enclosed


England: Breaking news: Shielding date until 31st March 2021

Source: Officials will be advising that shielding continues until March 31, said Dr Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer for England.

This is breaking news so we do not know how people are currently being advised of these changes but would imagine letters and emails

Wales: 31st March had been previously confirmed

Scotland: TBC but 31st March advice has been shared amongst all nations.

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‘Roughly 1.7 million people will be added to the shielding list in England, after experts developed an algorithm which has identified more adults at serious risk of Covid-19.

According to health officials, letters from the NHS will arrive imminently telling people affected that they should be in the shielding group.’

I hope this new inclusion doesn’t delay carers (those who receive carer’s allowance) from receiving their jab in group 5 as promised.


NicoleLeukaemiaCareAdministrator in reply to Newdawn

Some great points here. Apparently the 1.7 million will translate to 800,000 people actually added to the list but the concerns are very much warranted. Even if the NHS can scale up to 1 million vaccines a day, the second vaccines will have an impact in that number so you wonder about the pacing for new people receiving the vaccine. We can only wait and see sadly. Shame it was released like this!

31 March. Hek! Jig

Newdawn in reply to JigFettler

I wonder if we’ll be able to get out for Easter, April 4th? 🔓


JigFettler in reply to Newdawn

I am optimistic! Levels are tumbling.

Never before in history has a pandemic been monitored and counted as has this one. We have the tech and the know how.


Wish this would stop coming out from the media first!!! Although expecting an extension this announcement has come out of the blue when the road map is supposed to be announced on Monday!! Are we not part of the population or just a group of people they can forget about?


Thanks Nicole, I feel rather numb and I actually received the email last night, I think this is now my normal and my old life is just that. Thanks for your Leukaemia Care prompt response in letting us all know.


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