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Not leaving the house- not even the garden?


Not going into your own garden or walking in an isolated area??

Can anybody clarify what they are doing with regards to getting some fresh air? The NHS message says " dont leave your house, you can open a window. Dont understand why my garden would be out of bounds or a walk outside the home? I could guarantee that I could do both these things without coming within 50 metres of another person.How is everybody else interpreting this extreme instruction? The irony is that I have to visit hospital every day this week for consolidation chemo, putting me at much greater risk than anything I do at home!!

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Most people are interpreting it as meaning house or garden but provided you are more than 2m apart from the fences and anyone in your family who has not completely self isolated for more than 14 days so far. The official guidance is not entirely clear on this point, however.

The detailed online guidance is a bit more clear.

On a different note. If you have a blood cancer then Sainsburys are adding people to a vulnerable list and releasing delivery slots early every morning specifically for us. Try this number ‭0800 052 5500. I had to calll it many times to get through but have a delivery coming tomorrow ( I promise I did not panic buy...many things are limited to three per customer anyway).‬ If you are over 70 and have a nectar card they will probably have added you automatically so check today for any delivery slots and if not tomorrow morning early. They seem to be released sometime before 8am to vulnerable people.

Here is the copy of the NHS texts for anyone who didn't get them. Some UK patients have not yet received a letter or text. But I would encourage you not to wait to receive your text. It is possible a computer error might mean you don't get it. But these are going out to EVERYONE with blood cancer in the UK no matter what the stage. Watch and wait, treated with Chemo or other drugs, and post treatment no matter how long ago. Have heard from other patients with CLL at each stage who have got them. No computer system is perfect so please don't think that if you haven't got it that it doest apply to you.

Here are the texts (three so far). If you have blood cancer please just act as if you had received them, you can always confirm with your GP at some point if perhaps they don't have the correct mobile number for you

You can and should also register here ticking that you have received a letter (I received a text but ticked yes to the letter):

Right now I do not have any problems as I am registered with Sainsburys vulnerable person list as above but I suspect that these lists will be shared with the supermarkets at some point to confirm that people on those lists are genuine so for that reason I also ticked that "no" I do not have anyone who can get me food as my family are also self isolating to shield me (this is a grey area with the choice it seems to either all self isolate together or only the vulnerable person fully isolate but then they have to isolate within their house as below:


NHS Coronavirus Service: We have identified that you're someone at risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus. Please remain at home for a minimum of 12 weeks. Home is the safest place for you. Staying in helps you stay well and that will help the NHS too. You can open a window but do not leave your home, and stay 3 steps away from others indoors. Wash your hands more often, for at least 20 seconds.

Read more advice about staying safe at home.


NHS Coronavirus Service: Do you know how you will get your medicines while you are staying in your home? You can order repeat prescriptions online via the NHS app or your GP's online services.

Read more information about online services

Please ask your family, friends or neighbours to pick up your prescriptions from a pharmacy. Just remind them to leave the items outside your door.

The NHS is still here for you - you will still get the care you need, but the way you receive it might change. More will happen over the phone and internet.


NHS Coronavirus Service: Do you live with others? This advice will keep you safer from the virus:

- Sleep separately if you can

- Stay 3 steps away from others at home. Keep away from children

- Only essential carers should visit

- Wash your hands more often for 20 seconds and always before eating. Moisturise if your skin gets dry

- Eat separately, using your own cutlery, dishcloths and towels

- Clean and wipe down surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and door handles before use

- If you can, use separate bathrooms. If you share a bathroom, use it first and clean between uses

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Hi Adrian thanks for sharing your experiences I hope you receive your food delivery tomorrow. I must admit it is a challenge living alone without family near, have not had a food delivery for a while. After receiving a drip feed of messages from the NHS portal for two days. I look forward to hearing of what local plans will be after registration for help. It is like being part of a clinical trial again. Just a very large trial ;-) they will get there. This is a real leveller.

But hey at least the sun is shining outside and my grass is growing nicely..

I strongly recommend getting onto Sainsburies at the moment or a local volunteer. The official response may take a while. I have deliberately stated I do not have help because if Sainsburies goes down at the moment I clearly do not (I will obviously make it clear when I am contacted that the Sainsburies system is working well if it is and that will leave the team to connect with others). Again I suspect other grocery stores will also get vulnerable person systems up and running soon and you have to hope the panic buying will setltle down since most people do not have a warehouse for a home!

You are lucky. I have been a Sainsbury's customer for years, occasionally online, and they haven't identified me, even as being over 75. I was diagnosed in June last year and my GP still doesn't seem to have a clue what I've got! My partner is Type 1 diabetic and older. If he gets sick, it affects his blood sugar really badly, and he often ends up in hospital, some times for weeks.

The only way for me, I think, when I run out of food, is to drive up to Sainsbury's and go to Customer Services, as you can't get a slot, can't get through on the phone or get a reply to a message to tell them they've "got it wrong".

I realise that I put us both at risk by going to Lidl the other day but at least there were very few customers and I got most of what I needed. I believe Iceland can be asked for a delivery by phone, but can't imagine what the demand will be for a small shop.


Hi there

We've seen a couple of the hardcopy letters to patients and they say about sitting on a doorstep and getting light from staying in your own garden. Normal guidelines would apply about keeping a distance from others. Getting vitamin D is important and fresh air is great for clearing your head 👍


I can see your dilemma and that is the problem with blanket advice to our population. We live in a flat with high windows so I cannot even stick my head out. How do you put the rubbish out into the bins and take the dog out? I think common sense prevails and perhaps don't go near your garden boundaries or chat to the neighbours over the fence. I am definitely missing social interaction already. We will definitely need to support each other trough this time. Stay safe.

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