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Hi - I've just been to see the GP about HRT (I'm 50 and having a troublesome time with perimenopause). She checked her medicine book and there were no contraindications for leukaemia but just wondered if anyone else had any knowledge or experience? I've always been someone who said I'd never have it but I'm having severe issues and benefits may outweigh the risks. Thanks. I have HCL.

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I’m not sure if my example is helpful to you or not, but I’m very keen to encourage you. I’m 42. Was on ALL protocol 5 years ago and now HAVE to have HRT due to my age.

I’m very cautious and rather wary of taking additional medication now but am also aware of how extremely beneficial HRT can be - literally life saving!

For me I’ve been down gp route, tried various different types that haven’t agreed with me and ended up with a referral via my haematologist to gynae consultant who is considering conducting research on hrt and leukaemia patients. No one has spoken to me of any contraindications re leukaemia.

Many of my ‘main stream’ friends have battled this question on their own for years and some have found a very quick solution only a week after beginning a course of medication via their gp. Has your specialist nurse team given you any advice? You can’t be the first to have asked this question!


ooh - thank you so much for replying. I don't have a specialist nurse but might give Leukaemia Care a ring instead. As you say I'm can't be the first! Like you I don't want to take extra medication but also at the moment I feel my mental health from mood swings is more dangerous than the leukaemia. Thank you for listening - it's helpful to get my thoughts out of my head!

Understand. Also am thinking you need to address this for others around you too?

Don’t delay.... and most of all be EXTRA kind to yourself in the process, whatever that looks like (short term 😉)!!!

Thank you so much - yes you are right about others too :) xx

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