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LDN prophylactic dose to boost immunity


Want to start LDN prophylactic dose to boost my immunity.. Any suggestion is helpful. Also how is it helpful in present pandemic.

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I've been taking LDN nightly as a preventative with no specific issues since 2010...

I live in Hong Kong and wear a mask but have no worries because Covid-19 becomes serious only if one's immune system is weak.

Mine is robust because I don't catch colds or flues and go to office everyday and eat out at public restaurants twice daily. With LDN I have no fears.

If someone told you there's a drug with no side effects that modulates the immune system, everyone should be taking LDN... as Trump would say ..."what do you gave to loose"

Feel free to ping me if anyone wants to know more.


I am also a long-term LDN user, and am very happy for you that you have stayed well thus far. But there is NO evidence that LDN will protect you or anyone from catching coronavirus, and it is dangerous misinformation to claim that it does.

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