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Coffee and LDN

Did anyone face any trouble or suspected a clash between coffee and LDN?

I have been on LDN for the past 6 months and I decided to stop coffee 2 days ago and I feel a new set of effects/side effects of LDN, one of which is that my left leg that has been off for months from an MS attack got relatively better over the course of two days, any ideas/experiences sharing here is much appreciated.

Thank you

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Would be interested to hear what others say, I have started LDN and noticed it gives me heart palpitations especially when I go too hard on the coffee! Hoping you continue to notice the beneficial effects of no caffeine.


I was diagnosed with cardiogenic syncope 6 months ago, and MS played a role in it, i felt that I needed more coffee ever since I was put on medication to deal with that so coffee intake was on the rise consistently to remedy perhaps a need to balance my unstable blood pressure, I am on day 4 with no coffee and this allowed LDN so far to give it’s desired effect, my leg has been getting better since I stopped coffee, will keep you posted if this theory eventually proves accurate, I’m giving myself another 9 days for a certain LDN dose, I might go back to another spot where I felt my body scored ‘good’ on many aspects, lots of light and health your way


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