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LDN Dosage question

I finally found a doc in Ohio to prescribe LDN, but he was very wishy washy about it. He said, "It won't hurt you, but it probably won't help either". My hopes for some results were a bit dashed. He gave me 4.5mg caps, so I have started out at that dosage. Started it last night, and did have some vivid dreams.

I am hoping that by not starting out with a lesser dosage, that it will be okay. Taking it for generalized immune issues, fatigue, and Lichen Planus.


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Many people start by taking it in the morning to avoid sleep disturbance, I personally have tried morning and evening dosing and I don't find it make a difference. Good Luck!


Most people start out at 2.5 and work their way up,to 4.5 and, taken at night really enhances sleep. Yes, vivid dreaming is usually the only side effect and I found it wasn't disturbing just like living in your own movie, not scary at all! Recently, on the advice of my ND, I'm starting to take it in the morning. Once again, starting at 2.5/2 weeks then up to 3.00/2 week then to 4.5. Will be into see how it helps #fibromyalgia


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