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Do gp’s prescribe LDN?


Hi I’m really new here, so apologies in advance. I’ve booked a telephone consultation to obtain an LDN prescription from a well known chemist in Glasgow. I’ve also booked an appointment with my GP.

I wondered if anyone here with hashimotos and vitiligo has obtained an nhs prescription for LDN or am I wasting my time? I also have mild raynauds which isn’t really causing me an issue.

I know it’s not an expensive medication, but as a stay at home Mum with little income, I’d like to spend the cash on other necessary suppplements if possible.

Many thanks for any help.

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I'm not from the UK, but I'm in another LDN group with over 30,000 members from all over the world, including the UK. The founder of the LDN Research Trust resides in the UK. The steps you're taking are the ones we recommend and have seen to be successful.

You're doing this right!


Thanks Michelle, I appreciate your help.

I tried to get it from my GP recently. She had never heard of it except as Naltrexone in high doses injected to counteract drugs overdoses in A&E. She did read what I gave her and even discussed it with her colleagues in the practice but they seem to have discouraged her from prescribing it off licence. She has referred me to the Pain Consultant and told me to ask if he/she has experience of prescribing it and if they will consider prescribing. She has also suggested that she could refer me to Rheumatology if I don't get any luck with Pain Clinic. It appears that some GPs may be willing to just prescribe the 50mg Naltrexone if you're very lucky and allow you to compound it yourself by dissolving in distilled water. I've already told my GP that if I get nowhere with Pain Clinic or Rheumatology that I will be sourcing it myself from elsewhere and giving it a go for myself, but that I will inform her if I go down that route so that she is aware of what I am doing.

Arrington in reply to Glosgran

That's exactly what i do. I just get a 3mg dose out a 50 mg tablet. (How to low dose naltrexone here

My insurance won't cover it, so I get it online, it's much cheaper that way. This is website where I found naltrexone 50mg: :)

Coupon code "SALE10" to get 10% off. Hope you are doing well.

This is how cheap Naltrexone really is for the NHS:

Thanks very much. My GP is very good and educated himself on LDN, he asked the powers above him but was given a flat no. I’ve therefore obtained it privately and he said he’ll monitor my thyroid bloods etc every four weeks.

I was offered the pain clinic too but felt I’d rather get to the bottom of problems than learn ways to deal with it.

Let me know how you get on. I’m very excited to get started!

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