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LDN for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and for Anxiety, Depression, and Hypervigilance

Hello all. I’ve been taking LDN for about 2 weeks now. Started off at 1.5 and now I am at 4.5. I have noticed that my depression is much better and my anxiety is also a little better. I also think that the Hypervigilance is also slightly better. I had a series of medical issues since birth starting with spinal meningitis, so bad that I was given my last rights at 16mo old. Then I had a bad car accident at the age of 16 and numerous sports concussions and adult concussions. I also have bad asthma in which I am taking a corticosteroid that is suppressing my adrenal gland and my hormone levels. Then on top of that I’ve had sleep apnea for over 10 years and that has also affected my brain. My doctor wanted me to go on Lexapro, but after all of the nasty side effects, I said no. But my Naturopathic Doctor who is treating my Adrenal and my hormone issues told me that LDN might work for my TBI. So far so good. But I am hoping for more improvement because I still have significant brain fog and I am tired all the time. Even with the supplements and my CPAP machine. All of the issues has caused a huge rift in my marriage and I am now on the verge of a divorce after 30 years. So that also has me stressed out. But I am still working a 6 figure income IT job with no issues so far. So I am hoping that the LDN will help me get better so my quality of my life also gets better!

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First, let me apologize for the delay in response. I've been camping in the desert for two weeks without phone or internet connection.

It's exciting to hear you're seeing results within two weeks! Each of us respond a bit differently to LDN, however almost of us see continuing improvement over the first year. My best results started after 6 months, hopefully you will continue to improve as well.



Hi :)

I'm just wondering how you are doing on the ldn? Any significant improvement? My partner suffers from TBI and is just completing his first week of ldn at 1.5.

He has a great deal of pain on a daily basis...shooting and exploding head pain, so I am hoping that this protocol can help him. He does not want to take pain meds that make him feel 'out of it' ....so he doesn't take anything for his pain. Any advise or knowledge out there from someone with a similar problem?

Thanks :)


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