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Thinking of LDN for fibro


Hi there, i'm new on here and found it by a paper trail. A research paper I read on fb discussed LDN and research has brought me here. I have contacted a private doctor and am hoping to start this soon. It sounds too good to be true but im keeping my fingers crossed that it might help me regain my life. I have fibromyalgia and depression and these conditions are robbing me of my life. What I would give to reduce fatigue and feel like a 'normal' person again! To be able to make arrangements to go meet a friend for coffee and actually be able to go! To have my grandsons round for a couple of hours and not spend the next day in bed! I've always had hope and refuse to give in to these conditions. X

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I have been on LDN for 15 months and can finally sleep at night again. However if I leave Lyrica 75mg out of the equation, I cannot sleep - the combo works for me. I certainly also have pain reduction. I have had fibro for over 30 year, but only knew what it is for the past 7 years. I live in Namibia Africa. Good luck I think everybody should try it. I also take low dose Lithium 20mg - 10mg am and 10mg pm - My fibro fog is not sooooo bad anymore :).

Warm regards from Africa.


Thanks for your reply naturgirl. I'm so happy it's working and you feel better. I'm currently tapering off Tramadol and am unsure if I should wait till I'm off it to try LDN. I have a doc app for Fri so will discuss with GP But advice on here is great as it's real and from experience. I also take pregabalin which I want to stop too. I don't know what symptoms are side effects, withdrawals or fibro! Maybe when I get off the drugs I won't actually be as bad as I think I am!


I came off the pregablin as its defo not a friend of LDN. I'm glad I came off of it because I felt worse on pregablin. As soon as I was free of it I started the LDN. Tramadol is one of the few that can be taken with LDN as its opiate free so don't panic too much.

Get off the pregablin though! Lol


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