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Reduction in Fibro Fog with LDN

Several of my friends and I have been taking LDN now for over a year and we have all noticed reduced fibro fog and an increase in concentration and memory. For myself, I am not quite sure if this is due to me sleeping (finally...first time in 20 years all due to LDN!) or a combination of sleep and what LDN does in general in regards to cognitive stuff. For my friend, for the first time in 18 years, she has gone back to work part time - which she is adamant that she never would have been able to do before LDN. Has LDN increased your cognitive skills? What else has improved on LDN for you? A.x

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Hi Alikat10,

That is such good news and sooo encouraging, as I have been on LDN for two months now and the one thing I would like to achieve is to not having fibrofog all the time. I have fibromyalgia now for 28 years and when it started I went to a psychologist to check what is wrong with my brain? My IQ was tested and was quite high, but they thought I was just too anxious to remember things!!!! I have only been diagnosed four years ago by a Swiss doctor and started treatment. I then discovered LDN on the www and managed to get it prescribed. Finally I get a good nights sleep and the neuropathic pain in my hands/fingers is gone. Halleluja Blessings to all.


That's wonderful news!!!!! yes, getting a good night's sleep can make such a huge difference for so many of us with FM...and to not have neuropathic pain? Fantastic! A.x


I have also had an improvement with the fibro fog, especially since upping my LDN to 4.5 mg. The change was subtle and did not happen overnight. But gradually I had an improvement and then one day I realized that I could think!! Thank God for LDN!!


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