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Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF)
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More energy!

This is my first post here, I'm moving more and more in the direction of LCHF. Yesterday I went with my son and his girlfriend to our favourite beach which is 130 miles from home. If I can't afford to stay over we do this as a day trip but I always have to have a sleep before driving back or on the way back which is necessary for safety but must be irritating for my passengers and dogs! I've already posted several times in the weight loss forum about having better sustained energy with lower carbs and yesterday perfectly proved this. For breakfast I had two large scrambled eggs with an orange pepper sautéed in olive oil. For picnic lunch I had baby leaf salad, tomatoes, cut up quorn sausages, half a large avocado and a little Mayo. Had a long walk on the beach, played with the dog, and drove back not needing a nap, and feeling comfortable and alert. Just wanted to share how pleased I am!

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hi their i'm bigalan and welcome to this board your meal sound so yummy i don't know whether this would be better have you tried slim-fast diet i know not all people like this but i've found that it gives me more energy and i've lost 8 stone whilst being on it. but feel free to drop us a email if its even just for a chat or like i say if you want to blow of some steam we are here to help if possibly take care bigalan


Hi Alan, wow you've done amazingly well to lose 8 stone! I know shakes work well for some and they have clearly worked well for you, but I don't think they'd be for me, I feel bloated after a large drink, and the smaller portions of higher fat food seem to be suiting me very well. I do need to lose a couple of stone, but equally important to me is maximising my health and energy with a way of eating that psychologically doesn't feel like going on a diet. Really nice to see you've had such success though!


hi their as well as shakes there is meal bars which aren't going to leave you feeling bloated there a lot more if you look at the slim-fast website it help you to choose what best for you. take care bigalan


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