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JIA Parents

can anyone help?

CAN ANYONE HELP? I was wondering if you could help me. My daughter has severe arthritis of the hips and is very stiff in the mornings. She also has autism and attends a special needs school. We are currently having a lot of difficulty getting her to sit in the car seat (transport is provided) due to the stiffness and pain in her hips. She is unable to physically sit in it and when she is able to it is very comfortable. This is even after she has been doing exercises walking around and the stiffness has reduced.

> Are there any specialist car seats for this problem as even taking a trip, even if it is a short distance, it's difficult as she is so uncomfortable sitting in a car seat. She can however sit in a normal chair. I feel it is the depth of the seat itself that may be a problem. I have had a look at other car seats but all the commercial ones seem to be made the same way.

> Any advice or any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks