Hello :)

Hello everyone, I've just recently joined this community.

My name is Chlo, I'm 26 years old and I have been suffering with JIA/RA since I was 18months old. I'm here to communicate, reassure, share experiences and hopefully enlighten and encourage others and fellow sufferers. I hope to be an inspiration.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll do my best to reply as soon as I can.

I'd also like to thank those who have set up this community :)



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  • Lovely to see you Chlo and welcome x

  • Hello Chlo,

    I have a little girl who is now 2 but was diagnosed at a similar age to you. I have been told that with treatment, there's a chance it will go into remission, or a chance that it might disappear after adolescence, or a chance she might have it for life. I guess you must fall into the latter camp. How has it been for you growing up and dealing with JIA/RA? What has helped and what has been difficult. my daughter has been under treatment for about a year now but I'm just wondering about the future.

    Best wishes,